The right Meeting Management software and Booking system can change your organisation

In all organizations - large or small, meetings are essential and necessary. Meeting frequency continues to increase each year, which means that the demand for the right meeting management system to automate and systematise booking processes is increasing in many companies. 

Meetings can have very different purposes, requirements, and complexity – for both attendees and equipment. A staff meeting will have different requirements than a brainstorming meeting - and a presentation of a new strategy might require something completely different.

Meetings come in all different shapes and sizes and booking the appropriate meeting room and the right room setup, the required equipment, and catering services can be time-consuming, difficult and lead to wasted resources and delivery failures. After the initial challenge of booking an appropriate meeting room comes the challenges of ordering catering for the meeting, informing the front reception about your visitors, and letting your visitors know where the meeting is being held and how to get there. This is just some of the challenges you might face when scheduling meetings. 

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How the right Meeting Management and booking SYSTEM can make your life easier

A Meeting Management System can take the frustration out of booking meetings, meeting rooms, catering services, and equipment. Furthermore, notifying the front desk about expected visitors can be made easy and hassle-free. In many organisations, the reception staff does not know who is visiting and whom they are meeting with. Furthermore, they often do not know who is in the building and who has left. The reception staff does simply not have the right tools to make their work life easier.

A successful booking software and meeting management system allows you to book the most optimal meeting room from both Microsoft Outlook and from your mobile phone. It has to be easy to find an available meeting room with the right number of seats, the right location and with the right facilities. At the same time it must be intuitive to order catering services or other facility services for the meetings, and in the same work-process select the cost code where your services should be invoiced.

The right meeting management system should not make you use other interfaces than your Microsoft Outlook meeting request - because this is what you already know and use. In the case of larger meetings with visitors and related catering services it is important that everything (catering/ equipment/visitors) follows your Microsoft Outlook appointment. If you move your meeting to another location or to another time, the service providers/reception staff/facility managers needs to automatically get notifications about the changes.


Welcoming and handling visitors

Another part of a successful meeting management system is the handling of visitors and their experience at the front reception of your organisation. With a meeting management system, the front desk will automatically be noted about coming visitors and allow for your reception to print name-tags and be well-informed about everyone arriving.

The next step in making your visitors feel welcome and informed is guiding them to their correct meeting room. With a complete meeting management system, you have the opportunity to offer accurate wayfinding to lead your visitors easily and professionally directly to their meeting room or other points of interest. This effective wayfinding will make a great first impression for your external visitors who are guided by reception screens or directly on their mobile devices.

Reporting & Analytics

The right meeting management and meeting room booking system not only simplifies the process of booking meetings and services. It will also deliver unique insights and data on the utilisation of your meeting rooms and overall workplace. With reports on no-shows, daily activities, peak hours and much more, you are able to analyse the meeting room booking behaviour and the overall use of your workplace. For the service providers/kitchen, useful reports will give clear information about what has been ordered, where items need to be delivered to and where ordered items need to be invoiced.

The right Meeting Management Software like CONCIERGE BOOKING SOFTWARE can change your organisation and optimise your entire workplace. You can reduce the time and effort spend on meeting preparation which lets your organisation increase productivity in other areas. Learn more about the Fischer & Kerrn booking software and hardware by joining us in London on the 9th of May or book a demo below. Learn more about the services we offer to to ease your meeting management


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