The agile work environment            – Benefits & challenGeS

The modern workplace is evolving and the days of cubicles and private closed-door offices have been replaced by a variety of different office setups. Flexibility is a key concept within office management and modern businesses have to cater to a much more dynamic work environment than earlier. In today’s business environment, staff is often spending less time at the office – because more employees are working remotely, working more flexible hours, or spending more time in the field.

Making your office environment flexible is a key component in aligning your office environment with modern work. Having an agile workplace has many benefits and one of the cornerstones of agile working is hot-desking. Hot-desking means that employees don’t have a set workspace that is their own but instead potentially work at various different desks the days they are present at the office. Many companies are adopting this way of working - either completely or having some departments utilize hot-desking.


Benefits of hot-desking & AGILE WORKING

The benefits of hot-desking and agile workspaces are many. A great benefit is a cut in real estate costs because of the greater utilization of the physical space. Hot-desks means less wasted space, fewer empty desks, and therefore a cut in real estate and equipment costs.

Other benefits include a higher level of communication between colleagues. When you work next to different people every day it allows for a greater understanding of more colleague’s work areas and skillsets. Hot-desks can potentially create new synergies between teams and departments that wouldn’t otherwise arise. It also gives employees a chance to test out or experience which work environment works best for them – it could be a calmer area or a part of the office that is more lively that is their ideal workplace.  


Challenges for the agile work environment

Despite the many benefits of the agile work environment, it is a question of both company culture and of having the right software/hardware for this form of working to be a success. Hot-desking is a cultural change and needs careful planning so that employees experience the benefits of this way of working rather than get frustrated about having to change location on a daily basis.

A major aspect of making the agile workspace a success is having the right system to facilitate the management of desks easily and effortlessly.  




Desk booking panels from Fischer & Kerrn

With the desk booking panels from Fischer & Kerrn, you are able to maximize desk usage and minimize costs. The Desk Booking Panels are mounted to each desk and indicate with clear LED-lights which desks are available or occupied. The desks can be booked either directly from the panel with an RFID card, through touch screens or the accompanying Concierge GO app.

This means that employees can pre-book their desk on their way to work directly from their mobile phone and have their desk ready and waiting. If the employee doesn’t show up at the desk, the booking will be released and be free for others to book. If you are done with the desk before your booking ends it is also easy to check-out at the desk and release it for other users.

With the desk booking panels, you are able to define which desks should be fixed and perhaps reserved for certain departments, which desks are flexible and can be booked on specific times, and which desks are free to be booked by anyone. This allows for a dynamic work environment that can be even further optimized via the valuable insights that the panels give.

Reports can be drawn to give you knowledge on exactly how your workspace and desks perform and figure out how often each desk is booked and actually used. This can help you make strategic decisions about the number of desks, the set-up and various requirements of the workspaces.

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Written by Jakob Baagø Ohlsen